Gordon Lokenberg

His knowledge on the Recruitment business and his experience in transferring his enthusiasm and passion for the use of internet and mobile in recruiting candidates and new clients is highly motivating to participants. His audience rediscovers the web.

Gordon Lokenberg, currently Recruiter at DISTIMO, has guided, advised and trained a lot of executives and recruiters including those at Achmea, Alex van Groningen, Atos Origin, ASML, CapGemini, Intelligence Group, KPN, Landal Greenparks, LinkedIn, Mars, Monster, Yacht, and the Flemish Government.

Since 1999, Gordon Lokenberg has been a recruiter for a.o. Manpower, UPC, Nedstat and TomTom, Layar, Dolby, Backbase and Sonos

From 2007 onwards Gordon Lokenberg regularly lectured at several Colleges and speaks at conferences and seminars in the Netherlands and abroad, like ERE, TRU events, Recruiting Excellence and many others.

Launched one of the first mobile recruiting apps worldwide in 2009 “shake your job”


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